Kimberly Lewis Meidenbauer

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Peer-reviewed articles
Empirical | Methods | Review/Commentary

Schertz, K.E., Kotabe, H. P., Meidenbauer, K. L., Layden, E. A., Zhen, J., Bowman, J. E., Lakhtakia, T., Lyu, M., Paraschos, O. A., Janey, E. A., Samtani, A. L., Gehrke, K., Van Hedger, S. C., Vohs, S. D., & Berman, M. G. (2023). Nature’s path to thinking about the environment. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 89, 102046. doi: 10.1016/j.jenvp.2023.102046

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Book Chapters

Schertz, K. E.*, Meidenbauer, K. L.*, & Berman, M. G. (2021) Understanding the Affective Benefits of Interacting with Nature In E. Brymer, M. Rogerson, & J. Barton (Ed.) Nature, Physical Activity and Health London, UK: Routledge. DOI: 10.4324/9781003154419-2

Cardenas-Iniguez, C., Berman, M. G., & Meidenbauer, K. L. (2021) An Environmental Neuroscience Perspective on the Benefits of Nature. Proceedings from the 67th Nebraska Symposium on Motivation--Nature and Psychology.

Research Interests



Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Washington State University

Postdoc, University of Chicago, Department of Psychology (2020-2022)

Ph.D. in Psychology, Integrative Neuroscience Program, University of Chicago (2020)

M.A. in Psychology, Integrative Neuroscience Program, University of Chicago (2016)

B.A. in Psychology with Honors, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (2012)

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I’m a social, cognitive, and environmental neuroscientist, and an Assistant Professor at Washington State University in the Department of Psychology and the Health Equity Research Center. I work on a variety of projects that address the broad question of “How does the physical environment affect our brains, our emotions, our cognitive functioning, and our social behaviors?” I love learning and developing new methods that I can use to study these questions, and am a huge proponent of open science practices!

In addition to my research, I greatly enjoy teaching and mentoring undergraduate and graduate students! During my PhD program, I TA-ed for both psychology and public policy classes, and have since taught undergraduate courses on cognitive psychology, social psychology, and the psychology core course sequence at UChicago.

Outside of work, I love forcing encouraging my two cats to love me, biking and hiking, and endlessly listening to audiobooks and podcasts. Feel free to email me at or follow me on Twitter.